Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We can start using the community pool here since it's warming up a little. These pictures are from one morning last week. Tyler was in school and missed out so I took them both tonight while Jeff was at work. The water was pretty cold still but we got used to it. Then the security guard came by and told us that the lap pool (that's further back in the picture) is heated. Nice! So we jumped out and tried the other pool. It felt really good. And it feels even better to get some use out of our darn HOA fees!
They're so cute, right? Seriously, Jeff would kill me if he knew these were on here...but he's so cute!

tickle tickle

Tyler and I were looking at a baby picture of Jaden with all his hair. He had tons of dark hair when he was born. So Tyler asks, "didn't all that hair tickle your tummy when he was inside you?"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 8

All mothers have the possibility of going mad at any given moment but at the same time
nothing makes me happier than these two little guys.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 7 in the pursuit of happiness

My piano makes me happy! This is probably my favorite thing in my whole house...including the house itself. Before anyone thinks we're loaded, we're not! We just got a crazy deal from a piano store going out of business. Right after we got married Jeff bought me a keyboard for my birthday that I'd been playing up until now. This is so much better. I'm not even sure what the difference is besides the sound, but it's amazingly better and so much fun to play. I'm thankful that my mom let me have lessons as a kid when I know there wasn't much money. I'm not sure she even thought it was worth it at the time because my skills were quite mediocre compared to my sister. My sister was rather obnoxious and condescending about that little fact that sometimes it was tempting to just quit and have it not be an issue anymore. But the truth is, I had fun playing and I liked practicing. I'm glad I learned how to play and now that I love my piano and play it all the time, I'm finding myself getting better and better. Plus, it's given me many opportunities to serve in the church, where any level of mediocracy is appreciated. My husband loves making requests and listening to me play. And we both enjoy listening to our boys play Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle. Even when they're just pounding on it, it never really sounds bad. So thanks mom, for the lessons and thanks Jeff, for the the piano. It makes me really happy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A little late Day 6

I'm going to try to make this short because it's late and I'm tired. And I'd wait until tomorrow but certain people are nagging because I haven't been diligent on my 8 consecutive days.

I don't have a picture to go with this one but it truly makes me happy:


I think I was so used to Blythe that I didn't mind it so much. Plus, friends make Blythe bearable, which always helps. BUT...I had no idea I would like living away from there as much as I do. Okay so if any of my Blythe friends happen to stumble across this, know that I miss you desperately. I miss walking the neighborhood, hanging out in the yard while the kids play, and having everything no more than 5 minutes away.

Now for the happy stuff. I'm happy I don't have a freeway in my backyard anymore. I'm happy that I'm still enjoying 80 degree weather in the middle of May. I'm happy to be closer to family and get to see them more often. I'm happy about the convenience of having a variety of stores to choose from, and I don't have to purchase online and hope that orders arrive on time. I'm happy that I can go to Costco and not have to make it a day trip. I'm happy I can shop at Walmart and Stater Bros. and not be robbed by the most expensive Albertson's in the whole state. I'm saving gads of money on groceries. I'm happy I live close to a temple (I know I covered that on Day 4). I'm happy that I moved into an awesome ward with the nicest people. I'm happy that I don't have to be pregnant during a 120 degree summer. And I'm happy that even though I'm gone, I'm keeping in touch with the people who are important to me.

Goodnight and happy posting!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 5

Being pregnant, nothing makes me happier than eating yummy fruit. It's like sweet and juicy little drops of heaven right here in my own kitchen. After our last trip to Costco, we came home with asian pears, apples, apricots and mangos because I just couldn't decide which one sounded better. The checker that helped us said "that's a lot of fruit!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 4

We live only 15 minutes away from the Redlands temple and that makes me happy. Okay, so we've been here for almost 4 months and I've only been twice, but hey, it still makes me happy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

we read the scriptures

Tonight I was getting the boys ready for bed and Tyler had to run downstairs for something. He comes back and said he slipped on the stairs and it made his head hurt. I asked if his head hurt bad, and he said "exceedingly, yes."

Day 3

Jeff makes me happy. I love being married to a great guy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

California Adventure

This was in line for the new Toy Story ride. The boys are wearing their 3D glasses. Not sure why they're posing like a couple of gangsters. It was definitely their favorite ride.
Jaden is seriously a little dare devil. It scares me sometimes. We went on "jumping jellyfish" where you sit in a jellyfish and go way up high and it slowly and gently moves you up and down on a line. I could totally handle it. Well, from the highest point on that ride, Jaden spotted this gigantic ferris wheel and had to go on it. Just looking at it made me a little ill...Tyler too. I graciously assigned Jeff to be Jaden's partner on this ridiculously huge ride. There were swinging cars and non-swinging cars and Jaden wanted to go on the swinging one but I couldn't stand the thought so I insisted they ride the non-swinging one. He is only 4, after all. Tyler and I were perfectly happy to sit out on this one and watch from way way way below. It made me feel a little better that the cars are enclosed, especially since Jaden was so excited that he had to stand on the seat to get a better view.

Toothless Tyler in his 3D bug glasses waiting in line for the Bug Theater.

This show is a little intense. Last year we had to take Tyler out because it was too scary. That's right, I took Tyler out. Jaden was just fine. So this year, Tyler wanted another shot at being brave...he lasted less than 3 minutes. We all left because Jaden was actually a little nervous, too. The whole bugs life area at California Adventure is amazing. All the rides are just perfect for preschoolers....and Tyler. I'm not sure I understand how this show fits in to all that kid-friendly stuff, because it is quite intense.

I don't remember what this ride is called but once again, Jaden was all ready to go on it, and Tyler and I sat out. There's a pretty significant drop and everyone gets soaked so I was sure Jaden wouldn't like that part but he came out laughing and all proud of himself. You can kind of see him on the raft. He's the really little guy sitting there on the right. You have to look close.

This is just outside "soaring over California". It was so fun, we did it twice. And if it seems Tyler was scared of everything, there were still tons of things we did that offered him plenty of fun. So it's absolutely worth it. And I love him just the way he is. He'll be my careful little driver in 10 years. I'll have to worry about Jaden, however.

Day 2

Making cakes makes me happy. I love having a hobby that makes other people happy, too. The ladybug cake is still one of my favorites.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

pursuit of happiness

I was tagged. For 8 consecutive days, I need to post something that makes me happy and then tag 8 more people. So I'm going to tag Ashley S., Allison, Kim, Misty (who might have already been tagged) and my girls who haven't posted in a really long time, Erica, Lindsey, Angie and Rachel.

Day 1:

Disneyland makes me happy. Is there a happier place? I'm thinking about it today because we were just at California Adventure (pics coming soon) and we're going to Disneyland on Friday. So excited. I love living only an hour and a half away now. Disneyland was mine and Jeff's place to go when we were dating. We had passes and would go all the time, for a day, or just an afternoon, whatever we felt like. Now that we have kids, and they're old enough to not be scared of everything anymore, we hope to take them more often.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

for Nam

Grandma wanted more videos. Here's a typical conversation at our house. And it may look like I'm playing faves with Jaden because all my posts so far are about him. Tyler posts are coming up I just need to get picures ready.

I'm not really sure what we're all talking about in this video but it's funny that Jaden always talks about poop.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just because it's cute

He just turned 4 and this was on his 3rd birthday, so it's a little old but I wanted to try posting a video. This is one of my favorites because I love the way he talks (although I hate listening to my dumb voice).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This boy has a bed...

Jaden's always been a little difficult to get to sleep. He pops out of bed several times before actually settling. I use the supernanny trick where I take him straight back to bed without attention of any kind (no worries--he gets tons of love at his original bedtime). He's learned he doesn't get anything from me if he comes all the way downstairs...he just gets marched right back to bed. But lately he's been sneaking down the stairs so quietly, that I don't even know he's there. The funny thing is, he's so quiet trying not to get caught, that he falls asleep, which is exactly what he wants to avoid.

As you can see, this happens a lot. Tonight I checked the stairs every couple minutes just to catch him in action. He came down 3 times and finally gave up and fell asleep in his bed. And if anyone's wondering, he only rolled off the stairs once.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here's the 6th picture in my 6th folder. I think this was early '08. Tyler's preschool went on a fieldtrip to the Blythe airport.
I tag Kim K.
Don't forget to leave email addresses. I'm going private soon. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

going private...

Hey everyone! I'm going to go private...or try to because I'm not really sure I know what I'm doing. So, if you want to follow my blog, leave me your email address. That's what I have to do, right?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

another one

Okay, so some of you know already, but a lot of you don't. I'm pregnant! And here's a picture of our little peanut. This was taken 5 weeks ago. I'm 14 weeks now and due Oct. 30. It's a picture of a picture so it's not that clear but you get the idea.

I guess it took so long to get pregnant that even when I was 5 days late, I hesitated taking a test because I just couldn't believe that it would be possible. It was positive and I was in shock and didn't dare believe it. So I went and got another test and it was positive. Unlike the last two times, I took the tests without Jeff knowing. I kept it a secret for a day and waited until we were out celebrating our anniversary. We went to a late lunch and before we went in I gave him a small wrapped present. At first he felt bad because we had just bought the house and some furniture so we decided not to get each other anything. I told him it was for both of us so he opened the 2 sticks that I peed on (I know-how romantic) and sat there staring at them for a minute. I won't tell you that he got a little teary because he wouldn't like I'll just say he was really really happy and also very SURPRISED! Just the night before (the day I found out but hadn't told him) he was talking about how nice it was to have the boys being so big, independant and out of diapers. I almost started crying just at the thought of him possibly not wanting another one. But, once he found out, he's SO excited and of course wouldn't change a thing.