Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's better late than never, right? Here's our Halloween this year. Kayla was only 4 days old so it was a little different. Jeff took the boys out while I stayed home with the lights off. I wasn't about to get up over and over after having just pushed out this gigantic child. She was a sleepy girl all day and didn't get in her pumpkin shirt until the boys were already home.
Kayla was sleeping but they wanted their picture with her on her first Halloween. They're so in love with her.

I love re-using Halloween costumes. Tyler was Darth Vader last year and a knight 2 years ago. I love Jaden's face. He's always such a happy clown. They ended up getting lots of candy, and as always, Jaden's was gone in a few days and Tyler's bucket is still 3/4 full.

I'm thankful for...

...good grandmas. My kids' lives are so richly blessed because of their grandma. My mom just adores them. I didn't have any kind of real relationship with either one of my grandmas so it's really fun to watch how great my kids have it.

...pumpkin bread. One of my happiest memories from my childhood is during the holidays when my mom would make pumpkin bread and she let me lick the bowl. She never scraped it completely so I'd have lots to eat. I made some last night and it was really cute to see Jaden waiting anxiously to taste the batter. Plus it made the house smell so good.

...lots of other things but, HELLO, I'm a little sleep deprived so that's it for now.

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Born Tuesday, October 27th at 12:08 am
8lbs 15.5oz
22.5 inches
Here are a bunch of pictures, some at the hospital and some at home. I'm not even going to try to put them in order. Just wanted to get them posted.

3 days old
Tyler held her for the first time. He was so excited. Her ride home from the hospital.

Just waiting to get discharged.

The fun part...HA!

Dad's first good look.
Jaden can't contain his excitement.