Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jaden's 5th...

Birthday pictures not in order

First thing in the morning, Jaden wanted to check out his cake he knew I was working on the night before. I love his expression. He switched from Scooby Doo to Star Wars two days before I needed to start the cake. By some miracle, I found the time and energy to make this.

His day was special, for sure! He started out with a good ol' healthy breakfast with Dad at Yum-Yum donuts. Went to see How to Train Your Dragon with the whole fam except Kayla, who stayed with grandma. Then came home for a party with a lot of family, cake and presents, of course. And he got to stay up really late.

Crazy Uncle Doug trying to pose the birthday boy.


My beautiful niece

Kayla's wishing Jaden would hurry up and open his presents so she could go to bed.
Poor baby was up so late.

I think these cousins like each other

Kayla being cute