Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kinda blurry but he had water in his mouth and was threatening to squirt me for taking his picture. Bobo always pulling a face.

Swimming! We didn't go enough this summer.
Such a good big bro!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

in the desert

I wanted to visit Blythe before the summer ended because I knew once school was back in, we wouldn't have the time to see friends. Best thing was getting to see people I love. Worst...the drive. And this is what it looks like... Or this. I prefer the 1st. And yes, I did take pictures while I was driving. What else am I supposed to do on such a boring trip? I have to admit the desert is kind of pretty. Always clear blue skies.

I didn't have my camera while visiting so no other pics. =(


I'm pretty used to Tyler but every now and then he still surprises me. Like when he spent 15 minutes on the computer and taught himself how to play chess. He plays himself because all the dumb people he lives with have no idea how to play. He tried teaching me's kind of complicated. :) Look at that concentration! Anyone have any info about a chess club?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

more Kayla

She'll be 10 months on the 27th. Transitioning from a baby baby to a fun little girl!


Kayla's going on an adventure in primary...finally starting to scoot all over.
She can stand, too!! Love those little legs.

I took the boys to Frugos after their annual physical last week. Jaden got a topping for every poke. FIVE!!Tyler was happy he didn't get shots but not so happy he didn't get 5 toppings. Personally, 5 toppings sounds kind of gross.

palm springs

At the Children's Discovery Museum in Palm Springs. This first picture is from a couple years ago, the first time we went. The boys look so little!

We went again just before school started.

These pully chairs are the favorite thing to do. There's lots to do but they both agree that this is the best.

I try not to worry about the thousands of dirty heads that have probably been inside that helmet. (shiver)

Painting the car is another favorite!

Monday, August 23, 2010

gotta catch up

So I haven't been that great at blogging. I'll be spending a few days catching up. It's been the best summer ever. There are 3 new posts so make sure to keep scrolling.


One of the most memorable things we did this summer was have an exchange student stay with us for a week. Rina came with a group of students from Japan. We all fell in love with her. Her English wasn't great...we played a lot of charades, but it was so fun!

She wanted to go shopping so we took her to Victoria Gardens and then to eat at Lucille's BBQ.
It's not a great picture but you can see what they're doing. Those who know Tyler might think playing wii was his idea but it was actually hers. They thought it was cool that nunchuk is the same in both languages.

Rina brought so many cool things from Japan, including paper for origami. She made this crane in just a few seconds.

She cooked us her favorite meal from home. It was pretty good....kind of weird, but good. Tyler said it was the best thing he'd ever eaten. Don't ask what it was because I have no idea. =) Something with pork and cabbage and flour and eggs. And she brought instant miso soup.

We spent a lot of free time playing games. It was tons of fun and I don't think we'll ever forget her.

4th of July

My lovely baby has turned into the best sleeper. This wasn't her house or bed but she slept so good even through the crazy Fontana fireworks. We could hear the fireworks on the moniter but she hardly moved at all.

I think I have pictures like these from last year...maybe even the same shirts.

Here's Kayla before she went to bed. I'm in love with her crazy hair and FAT thigh.

1st day of school

Jaden's on the right, on his way to class. Already made a friend!
Jaden was pretty nervous but managed to be brave. I was so proud of him. Tyler didn't want to go back to school because it's "sooooo boooooring" but it didn't take him long to find his friends and leave me in the dust. He looked pretty happy...from the back of his head anyway.
They both had a great 1st day and love their teachers!