Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warning: a bragging post...

This is for the grandmas so bear with me.=) I couldn't be a prouder momma! Both my boys got Student of the Month for the first month of school!
Tyler's teacher said "Tyler is an outstanding student. He is self-motivated and diligent in his work habits and efforts, and is a good citizen. I'm happy to have him in my class." Jaden's teacher wrote "Jaden is a great kid inside and out. He is thriving in our class, and puts his best foot forward at all times. Jaden completes all class work with ease. He is patient, intelligent and kind. Jaden's smile warms our class, and I'm lucky to be able to spend this year with him. You are a great kid, Jaden!"

They both got a free meal at Applebee's so we went there for dinner to celebrate!!

Unfortunately, I didn't find out about Tyler's until the end of the day so I missed his assembly. But here's a picture of Jaden with his award at school and with his principal.

Friday, September 24, 2010

cake decorating

Just for fun

Sleepy girl

Jaden and Ms. Teri at the end of his first year of speech (May '10). She taught him how to use the "k" and "g" sound!!