Monday, July 4, 2011

I should've cropped these before posting. Call it lazy. Whatever.

I couldn't help posting this one. I lOVE the korker bows.
And the girl, of course, but look at the bows! ;)

Doing her own hair

How does it look, mommy?

So proud of herself

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Being silly

Kayla LOVES her tutu. She puts it on every day and has to show everyone and say "cuuuuute." She felt especially pretty when I wrapped this scrap material around her.

The very talented Jaden! Roller skating, playing the guitar and harmonica, holding 2 shoes all while covered with a blanket.

Another very talented boy!

She was thrilled that Jaden let her borrow his cape!

They posed themselves!
Can't really see the wand (chopstick) in this pic but he's casting a spell on me.

The fun kind of art

Hi Kayla, what are you doing?

This was after I washed it off. I wasn't mad at her, I just think she was sad that I was getting rid of all her hard work.

We ask her where her eyebrows are and this is what we get.

Ruffle panties!

Getting ready to go swimming.