Monday, December 19, 2011

Sock bunny

This non-crafty girl (me) made a sock bunny!  Every now and then I get my sewing machine out to remind myself that I hate it.  All I had to do was sew the ears and legs closed but this was no easy project for me.  If I didn't think this little guy turned out so cute, I'd be really ticked, but at least all the frustration was worth it.  I'm putting my machine away for another year or so.

Tyler the Wizard

Being a Harry Potter fan, Tyler turns every stick into a wand and every broom into a magic broom.  Every good wizard has a magic broom right?  But can they all balance their brooms on their heads? 

Random Shay

Kayla rarely falls asleep anywhere but her crib so Jeff really enjoyed cuddling on the couch with his baby.

Monday, December 12, 2011




Lately, our conversations with Kayla have been going something like this:

"Kayla, are you eating a cracker?" 
"No, it's mine!"

"Kayla, are you wearing a tutu?"
"No, it's mine!"

"Kayla, do you need to go potty?"
"No, it's mine!"

"Do you want to play with the ball?"
"It's mine."
"I know it's yours.  Do you want to play?"
"No, it's mine."

I love 2 year olds.