Thursday, February 16, 2012


I just don't have enough of this kid on our blog!

Tyler's Birthday

 For Tyler's birthday last month, we took him to Medieval Times.  It was so fun.  We came home afterwards for some cake and presents.

This nerf gun was from his grandma.

Partying it up

Tyler wanted a 4-square cake.  You know, the playground game.
Yep, a 4-square cake. 

He really needed a new bike.  He was so excited.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Disneyland with Kayla

Getting ready to go to Disneyland.  The boys each had a day to go with their dad recently and so I took Kayla.  We're good partners because we can ride the same rides and she's good at handling my waddling pace.  Our passes expire this month so it'll be a long time before we can go again.  So sad.

Snow White is the new obsession.
Looking down Snow White's wishing well. 

Don't know what this look is about.

She had to spin the teacup by herself.

Serious conversation about princesses.

Meeting the princesses was definitely the highlight of the day.
She didn't even care about rides after this.  And I always thought
parents were wasting precious time waiting in line for characters. 
Now I understand.

Kayla doesn't know Mulan but is a fan now.
Mulan was really sweet. 

She couldn't wait to get to Belle to give her a big hug.

Of course the pink, sparkly shoes caught her attention.

She had to show Tink her Little Mermaid shirt.
And pose, hand on hip, just like Tink.

One last hug.  Then Kayla asked where Terence was. 
She loves Terence.

Had to stop and dance.  She loved these guys.

Tyler's science project

Tyler wanted to add baking soda to different liquids to see which one made enough air pressure to pop a cork off a glass bottle.  Baking soda and vinegar won, with lemon juice as a close second.  The cork from the vinegar bottle flew way higher than our house.  He had a really good time, but I'm glad it's over.