Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quotes and Conversations

Tyler said "I wonder what it was like to live in the 60's or 70's" and "The BeeGees are AWESOME!"

Kayla said "Look Mommy, I not a mean witch.  My nice."

Jaden said "Oh my holy buttcrack!"

Kayla folded her arms and said casually, " put your make-ups on mommy?" I said yes.  She said, "you're a big girl, mommy."

Jaden to Tyler, "Which sister do you want to marry?  Jenna or Kayla?"  When they both agreed they'd marry Jenna, Tyler said "I hope Kayla will find a loving husband who can handle her annoyingness."

Jaden to me, "I want to marry you."  I told him I was already married.  He narrowed his eyes, looked at Jeff and said "kick him away, kick him away!"

Kayla said "I wanna sammich with pepper cheese on it like Bowbie (Jaden) does.  I wanna a sammich with cheese and peanut butter on it.  No, no peaunut butter, just cheese on it like Bowbie does.  Mom, I need a sammich with cheese on it."

Kayla says, "my do it" and our favorite,"yes my do!"